UHF Labels with more than 1 kbit of user memory

As an established supplier of industry suitable RFID labels and tags, GERA-IDENT has long since included UHF labels with comparatively large memory in its product portfolio. These have been either strictly divided into EPC and user memory or both sections could be combined. For quite some time, certain chip types have offered the possibility to just write data strings to the entire memory, which nicely supports the task of respective soft- or middlewares.

So far, the maximum memory volume for UHF labels was just above 700 bits. These proven memory sizes are now being complemented by Labels with new chip types containing even more memory, starting at 1 kbits and above. In the near future, it will also be possible to encrypt data stored on UHF labels. Thus, new and inexpensive means of decentralized data storage will emerge for UHF systems. This has prepared the way to the creation of “Smart Objects” based on UHF labels and tags from GERA-IDENT.


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