What, how, when, where and why should something be identified and processed? When off-the-shelf RFID solutions reach their limits.
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Customized detection and transmission stations – ID Points

Custom requirements in the field of process automation require individual solutions

What, how, when, where and why should something be identified and processed? How should data be transferred and where to? Which business processes are affected? What role do the surroundings play?

Standard readers reach their limits at many points, as does system integration based on standardized middleware.

In such cases, we design, develop and produce custom identification points (ID points). Just like with our RFID smart labels and tags we draw, together with the customer, figure out the requirements directly out of the application.

Data acquisition, data evaluation, data transmission and integration of sensors – ID Points

With ID Points, it is not just a matter of pure data acquisition, but it is also about the peripheral processes such as data evaluation and transmission, the integration of sensors and the possibility of interaction by means of user interfaces. We combine our know-how in the development of readers and antennas with functional, purpose oriented designs and the acquisition, interpretation and presentation of data.

Important data

  • Different frequencies or combinations of frequencies (HF, UHF, dual frequency)
  • Adapted to the intended application – functional designs f.e. in laundry and logistics management
  • Adapted to the higher-level system – customer-specific functionality, interfaces, data formats
  • Integration of sensors & user interfaces

The result could be a completely shielded RFID lectern with a dual HF/UHF reader, a reader-transponder combination for identifying X-ray tubes, or the detection of products or containers without a complex ERP interface. It could also be about complex recognition systems for the reception of KLT containers or terminals that are used for the direct communication with the customer. We adapt the products precisely the customer processes in question and build prototypes that are used as the basis for the series production in our own electronics production facility.

Use case examples


Production Control

Medical Technology, Pharmaceutics

Supply Chain, Logistics

Container Management, C-Parts Management


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