Our commitment

We support various associations, organizations and projects through regular donations.

We are a member of the Geraer Eisenbahnwelten e.V. The association focuses on maintaining and renovating historical railway structures and railway technologies in and around Gera, as well as the demonstration of railway history.
We make an annual donation to the Gera-Liebschwitz voluntary Fire Department, as a way of extending our gratitude for the help we received during the floods in 2013.
Our regular donations to the association are used for projects that focus on climate protection, ecological agriculture and the protection of threatened species, to name a few.
We have been supporting the work of the WWF for many years with regular donations, that are used for projects that help protect biodiversity.
With the donations provided, we contribute to the work of the DKS in supporting to heal children and teenager with cancer. In addition to consulting and caring for the affected families, the DKS supports clinical and patient-oriented research projects.