GERA-IDENT presents new RFID inlays with UCODE 9xm chips

GERA-IDENT, a leading producer and supplier of RFID technologies, is pleased to announce
the launch of a new series of RFID inlays.

The new RFID inlays from GERA-IDENT are equipped with the latest NXP UCODE 9xm chip.
They feature large memory, high reading range, fast data transfer as well as excellent

The significantly improved read and write performance also enables smaller antennas and
thus smaller labels.

In combination with the adjustable EPC with up to 496 bit and NXP’s “Self-adjust” function,
the high-performance RFID labels are now also suitable for tracking objects in gate
applications for which previously, labels with the required performance and memory
capacity would have been too large.

They are ideal for applications in logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and many other
industries. With the integration of the UCODE 9xm chip, GERA-IDENT offers its customers
the opportunity to optimize their processes and increase efficiency while saving costs. More
opportunities are hereby created for innovative applications such as inventory management,
asset tracking and tracking products along the supply chain.

Working with the technical staff of NXP has proven to be critical to the success of this
project. Thanks to their technical expertise and their fast and uncomplicated support, GERA-Ident was able to accelerate the development and production of RFID labels and tags with the new inlays.

“Thanks to the close cooperation with NXP, we were able to accelerate the market launch of our new RFID inlays and are ready to start rolling out,” said Ramin Hassan, Managing Director of GERA-IDENT. “The improved performance characteristics of these new inlays open up new application possibilities and we look forward to accompanying our customers on their digital transformation journeys.”

For more information about the new RFID inlays and their application possibilities, please contact the GERA-IDENT team.

About Gera-Ident:
GERA-IDENT is a leading producer and supplier of RFID technologies based in Gera. The company develops and manufactures innovative RFID solutions for a wide range of industries, including logistics, retail, healthcare and manufacturing. GERA-IDENT places a great deal of importance to quality, reliability and customer-oriented service in order to meet the requirements of its customers.

picture source: GERA-IDENT GmbH / volodyar/ / NXP


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