The GP-T 7015: A double label with double functionality

The GP-T 7015: A double label with double functionality. With the 2-component GP-T 7015 label, printed with barcode or key data, the identification of an object can be simultaneously combined in one step to also identify the corresponding documentation. This label was originally established to assist in the identification of loading equipment and its belonging documentation.

The GP-T 7015 from GERA-IDENT consists of 2 adjoining labels, one of them incorporating a UHF inlay, which consists of a square, broad-band antenna with exceptional features for regular applications, and a chipped label for additional memory storage. For the coating, a high-grade and printable PET-film is applied. The adhesive layer is ideal for smooth undergrounds and can withstand temepraures of above 120°C problem-free.

Application fields for this label include:

  • Intralogistics
  • Process Control
  • Container Management

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