RFID domestic appliance prototypes ready for live tests

Several cutting-edge prototypes of microwave, refrigerator and washing machine with integrated UHF- reading devices and antennas, developed within scope of the R&D project Easyline+, will be tested by potential users throughout the summer months in Spain, as well as in Wales. The first versions of these prototypes are already on display at the GERA-IDENT demonstration center.

Easyline+ is a research and development project of the European Union within the e-Inclusion segment. The goal of this project is to develop prototypes of domestic appliances that are revolutionary in their user-friendliness. Those appliances are to be integrated into “smart homes”, and thus, by using several unique technologies, will be able to communicate with and support the user in everyday life.

GERA-IDENT´s role in this project is the development and integration of RFID systems into refrigerator, microwave and washing machine. Project partners are, among others, BSH Electrodomesticos España SA as appliance manufacturer, the University of Zaragossa as intelligence and interface developer and Glyndŵr University of Wales, responsible for the HMI (Human Machine Interface).


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