New UHF reading desk for everyday laundry business by GERA-IDENT

Our UHF reading desk has been placed in service at Busch-Textilservice GmbH & Co. KG some time ago. The desk may be easily integrated into production and requires little space. Due to rollers at the bottom of each leg, it is easily deployed and may be used at various work stations. Its specific design and antenna alignment effectively preempts the accidental reading of RFID tags in the nearby surroundings. The designated reading area is marked on the desktop, allowing fast and contactless reading of RFID labels. Besides the UHF version in service at Busch-Textilservice GmbH & Co. KG, the reading desk is also available as HF or Hybrid version. We offer the desk with an even or tilted top, according to your individual needs. GERA-IDENT’s new and mobile work stations are integrated easily and with little effort into every laundry system by means of various interfaces.


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