Extensive flexibility – The GP-R 501 Reader from GERA-IDENT proves its great efficiency

RFID-applications have been rapidly growing in number, after it has become evident how much transparency and other positive effects could be achieved in tracking and tracing of products, product carriers or product packaging.

The main prerequisite for efficiency of the investment and its pay-off (break even point) is, of course, the initial cost of acquisition for the required equipment, the reader-technology for example. GERA-IDENT has tackled this task by developing and manufacturing the mid-range reader GP-R 501, with success. The GP-R 501 is a cost-effective, flexible and robust UHF-reader featuring protection class IP65 with a maximum output power of 1 W. The allocation of the 4 antenna outputs, as well as antenna activation, may be set up at will. It is possible to use either an Ethernet interface or an RS485-Bus. By means of internal reader numbers, operation in a so-called “handshake mode” is also possible.

Potential use cases include container tracking systems, conveyor system as well as small gate applications.

Flexible means: There are several functions that are integrated, for example, the GP-R 501 is able to take over a lot of functions from the main application. It monitors transponder movement, saves each chip only once and can be read at any given point by the main application. It may be activated by trigger-inputs (i.e. light barriers) or it could report to the main application through event outputs (i.e. alarm functions).

Flexible also means: Easy upgrade at the customer’s site. Through its user-friendly interface protocol or alternatively DLL, it can be integrated into an existing process application without any difficulty. In the application field of container management for example, it is usually recommended, to place the antennas controlled by the GP-R 501 above the itinerary of the containers as to not hinder their paths of movement. In such an application featuring identification from above, the antenna system may be set up in just a few steps: the antenna bearing just has to be fixed to the overhead beams. The antennas may then be adjusted to any given position, height or direction.

Flexible means furthermore: Easy configuration by the customer. By means of the user-interface “tdi” (on a CD, included in the scope of delivery), the reader may be easily configured. This software offers the possibility, to adjust various parameters such as transmission power, number of antennas connected, internal parameters etc. as well as to conduct antenna tuning. An extensive range of functions for the identification of either conventional or custom transponders is also included.

Thus, GERA-IDENT’s GP-R 501 adds to the range of UHF readers available on the market in attractive fashion through its specified performance characteristics.


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