Enhancement of production equipment at GERA-IDENT

In the course of the considerably increasing number of highly specialized projects during the last months, essential steps in upgrading the functionality of GERA-IDENT´s machinery have been taken. The core of GERA-IDENT´s manufacturing equipment consists of a Bielomatik conversion machine for the production of RFID labels, tickets and tags.

Due to the company’s specialization in manufacturing application-specific data carriers and considering the number of related projects in the last months, these enhancements have become necessary.

Apart from the functionality to extract die-cut remains, critical in the production of certain tickets and hang tags, an integrated RF- quality control for customized transponder testing is now also at hand. Specific setup changes as well as procedural solutions for exact positioning of inlays and die-cut tools for proper processing of the large variety of raw materials to be converted are also part of the measures completed so far. Further expansion stages that cater to customer-specific solutions are already planned for 2010.


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