“Dual Technology” by GERA-IDENT

GERA-IDENT has been questioned about the possibility of combining HF and UHF technologies in the field of document management. This was the result of technical and logistical consideration of a concrete use case.

This dual technology from GERA-IDENT manages to combine the functionalities of HF and UHF systems in a customer friendly manner.

By means of the dual reader GP-R 502, an in-house development, it is now possible, to activate Transponders using either HF or UHF, depending on the application. GERA-IDENT’s dual labels even offer the possibility to encode both chips simultaneously.

What makes this unique is that it is done with a single mouse click. After doing so, users will have the data stored in the chips accessible to either HF or UHF systems in the same format and therefore easy and software-friendly to process.

This technology presents an ideal solution for RFID systems and applications that are in transition from HF to UHF. It also increases flexibility in applications where the customer’s or user’s RFID system varies from the one that was used during production and finishing or is completely unknown.

As is the case with all of GERA-IDENT’s labels, the components used are interchangeable and may be assembled according to customer specification.


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